Monday, September 20, 2010

where you been?

So, Where have I been and what have I been doing? Basically I've been working in the factory retooling for 2011 improvements. I get kind of obsessive when I do this kind of thing. I am not sure anybody is reading this anyway so it was easy to let go for a while. Is anybody out there reading me?
The cool thing is the new heat sealing technology I've developed to seal the flute ends of the corrugated polypropylene sheets. This allows for flexing and bending while keeping the water and whatever out of the flutes. Previously I was using a silicone sealant which performed adequately in the flutes which did not flex but less well in the bending flutes. You see, the silicone sealant does not have the flexibilty that the flutes have so some small amount of water was able to get inside the hull of the boats. Not ideal. 
Also coming in the 2011 models is an upgraded grommet made of stainless steel. Stays pretty and shiny even in salty water. The brass ones would get corroded and dingy looking and eventually would suffer structural compromise. Not a big problem, but I want the boat to be as good as I can make them.
All this upgrading has drawn my attention away from marketing (of which this is a part). Besides when I am going to have a superior product soon I am less inclined to sell the inferior product.

So hey y'all out there, let me know you're there. Send me an email to or post a comment. I would really love to hear from you. Tell me what you want to see or know.

Until next post, -Jim Beyer