Friday, July 30, 2010

A new direction

I am three years into my journey but just getting started with the blogging. Let me recap.... I was moderately successful in the copier business. I made ok money enjoyed my work and loved my customers. Whats not to like? I felt trapped by the comfortableness of my life. I had always wanted to invent, to create, to make something that says to the world "I was here!".  And I wanted a life which supported that.

I am doing it mainly for myself  but I hope others will benefit as well. What am I doing? Well right now I am manufacturing and selling a unique boat, a kayak (so designated because you sit in the bottom). It folds up into a compact shape for ease of transport and it weighs less than 12 pounds. Can be seen on youtube ( just type in "corogami" ) and on my website or 

The boats are lots of fun and easy to tote. They are designed for one adult occupant up to 250 pounds. The beauty of the design lies in the folds. When people first got a look at it they called it an origami boat.

I have spent the last few years refining the design and testing testing testing. My first model the Dragonfly was available for sale in 2009. I was on my way! yayyy! But The internet marketing thing was new to me. Still is.

What? They haven't beaten a path to my door?  Of course not.  I have sold a few but not enough. I would like to sell enough to ramp up production and bring down the price so more people can enjoy my boats.

A business is like a tree. Organically it starts as almost nothing, an idea, the seed. If the seed is nurtured, it sprouts and grows. As it grows it sends out roots and branches building on the growth which has come before. The business has seasons and cycles. Eventually the tree/business reaches a point where it can create more seeds to grow more trees and on and on.  Its a beautiful thing.

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