Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are we lost yet?

When I was a kid and we were traveling as a family in the car we kids would periodically ask "Are we there yet?" As I got older and more aware of things, I realized that my father (who was always the driver) did not have a good sense of space. That is to say he often got lost. Now to keep things interesting, Dad would never mention that we were lost he wouldn't seek counsel or directions. He would just keep driving and waiting to get lucky or figure things out. I started to ask "Are we lost yet?" He didn't like that question. I know because he would deny it LOUDLY. "NO, WE ARE NOT LOST!" .......Which meant that we were indeed lost.

I bring this up because,being my father's son, I may share that trait with him. I don't like admitting I am lost. I don't seek help for things I think I can do for myself. That is the way I was raised. Hyper self-reliant, I will spend hours figuring out how to do something instead of hiring it out. It is not always the smart choice to tough it out. But given the time, there is very little I cannot learn. So the point is....When to say when? Do I need help or just more information? Could I be spending my time more effectively doing something else? (i think so)

Really all i want to know is..."Am I lost yet?"

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