Friday, August 6, 2010

corogami redux

We are each of us the architects of our own destruction. The things from which we turn away choose our direction. If you don't care for chicken, you opt for the steak. If you don't like crowds, you stay home. The road not taken is the road we view with the most apprehension.

It doesn't always serve us well. Often we avoid a route because it is daunting and we are not in the mood to be daunted. We settle for good enough because its good enough. (or so we tell ourselves)

So, the last couple days i have spent re-examining some choices I have made in the production of my kayaks. I decided to change the grommets from brass to stainless steel because they hold up better in salty water (even though they cost 3 times as much). Hey a lot of people live close to the ocean. I am also looking at a proprietary method of sealing the end flutes on the corrugated polypropylene hull. Thats progress.

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